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The Security Threat within our Communications Networks: Find it, Fix it, Fund it

Requirements for technology updates keep customers up-to-date with current technologies. The requirements are also made to keep these technologies safe from security threats and intrusions. At the same time, they can be hard to maintain for a small, rural, family-owned company. Making the move from analog to digital in 2010 was a much-needed change to keep Pine Belt customers up-to-date with current technologies, but it didn't come easily.

In 2018, as cyber security concerns started to be debated, uncertainty has been increasingly more present. With recent political actions, we can't be sure if or when we will be able to improve or expand our coverage to numerous underserved areas throughout West Central Alabama.

Watch below as John Nettles, President of Pine Belt Telephone Company, discusses how Pine Belt has dealt with these new requirements, and what he believes we need to do to keep serving these underserved areas.

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