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  • What type of devices do you offer?
    Pine Belt offers many type of devices for cellular service, including; Androids and feature phones. We currently do not offer any Apple products.
  • Can I use my own device?
    You may use your own device as long as it is compatible with our Pine Belt network. Please call or visit any Pine Belt location to find out if your device is compatible.
  • Can I keep my number from another provider?
    Pine Belt does allow you to use your existing number from another provider as long as it is in our rate center (service area). Please visit any Pine Belt location for details.
  • What are the roaming cost?
    Pine Belt no longer charges roaming cost, it is included in all FLAT RATE service plans.However, Pine Belt asks all customers to stay within 20% roaming to help maintain cost of the service plans. Budget plans and Advantage 100 are subject to the standard cost per minute.
  • When is my bill due?
    Pine Belt has four (4) billing periods. The due date of your bill is based on the billing cycle when you sign up for services. Your bill is mailed two weeks before a payment is due. Each monthly statement will show your current amount for that account.
  • What are USF and E911 fees?
    The USF and E911 fees are government regulated charges that are required to be added to any cellular service plan.
  • Will I have nationwide coverage?
    Pine Belt offers NATIONWIDE COVERAGE on all cellular service plans.
  • Can I set up auto pay for my account?
    Pine Belt offers auto pay on all accounts. Auto pay can be set up at any time. Please call or visit any Pine Belt location for additional details.
  • Can I pay my bill online?
    Smart Hub is Pine Belt’s new online billing system. With Smart Hub, viewing your bill and making or scheduling check or credit card payments is very easy! You don’t have to risk missed or late payments ever again. Let Smart Hub send a monthly email reminder that your bill is ready. If you haven’t already set up automatic payments, you can do that on Smart Hub too! To view and pay your bill, please visit Smart Hub at or just click “Bill Pay” on your home page @ New users can register by selecting “New User”. Sign up to access our self-service site on the login page. Fill in the account number, last name of person/business, email address and click submit. You will get “Congratulations, your registration is complete”. You will receive an email with a temporary password. Use the temporary password to login and change to your new password. When you sign up online, you will need to know the last name of person/business that is on the account, your email address and your account number. In addition, you will need to answer one validation question to register and establish one security question. Once registration is complete, an email will be sent with a temporary password for the first login. You will be prompted to change password upon initial log in.
  • How can I pay my bill if I don’t have a computer?
    Bills can be paid by telephone, mail or in person at the following locations: Pine Belt Telephone Co 3984 Co Rd 32 Arlington, AL 36722 (334) 385-2106 Pine Belt Wireless 310 A South Main St Linden, AL 36748 (334) 295-5585 Pine Belt Wireless 120 N Mulberry Ave Butler, AL 36904 (205) 459-5585 Pine Belt Wireless 8 Camden Bypass Camden, AL 36726 (334) 682-9655 Pine Belt Wireless 1541 Hwy 5 South Marion, AL 35756 (334) 683-4977 Pine Belt Wireless 5 Broad St Selma, AL 36701 (334) 878-8000 Pine Belt Communications 118 S. Jackson St Selma, AL 36701 (251) 275-2288
  • Is voicemail offered on all service plans and how do I access my voicemail?
    Pine Belt offers voicemail on all service plans. To set up your voicemail for the first time, dial 334-992-6382 or *86 from your Pine Belt Wireless phone. You will be asked to select a 6 digit PIN and record your name to set up your voicemail. Once you access your mailbox, you will be guided through the process. Until these steps are completed, no callers will be able to leave voicemail messages. After initial set up, you may access your voicemail any time by dial 334-992-6382 or *86 from your phone. If you are trying to check your voicemail from a different phone, you can dial 334-992-6382 and as soon as you hear the recorded message start, press the * (star) key, put in your entire phone number area code first. Then put in your PIN. Once in your box, follow the prompts to listen to, save, or delete messages. You will also have the ability to change personal options by listening to the prompts.
  • Do you offer insurance for your devices?
    Pine Belt offers insurance on all cellular/wireless devices. Insurance is billed monthly and cost is based on the type of device you have. Feature phones are $2.99 per month and Smart phones and wireless internet units are $5.99 per month.
  • What type of Wireless Internet device do you offer?
    The devices for wireless internet may vary based on availability. Please call or visit any Pine Belt location for exact devices.
  • Is the device portable?
    The devices for Pine Belt wireless internet are portable. However, the internet service will only work in our network area.
  • Do I have to sign a contract for wireless service?
    Pine Belt’s new plans do not require a contract. However, contracts are available with many of our Pine Belt plans. See our service plans for more details.
  • Do you offer prepaid?
    Pine Belt does offer Prepaid plans to fit your needs. See our service plans for more details.
  • Do your service plans offer data and picture messaging?
    Pine Belt does offer service plans that include data and picture messaging. See our service plans for more details.
  • Is your text messaging unlimited?
    Pine Belt offers unlimited text messaging on ALL service plans.
  • Do I have to sign a contract or have a credit check for Wireless Internet service?
    Pine Belt’s wireless internet does not require a contract or credit check. However, contracts are available. See service plans for more details.
  • Does your wireless internet service plans offer unlimited data?
    Pine Belt currently offers 3G wireless internet service with unlimited data. See our service plans for more details.
  • What are the Email Settings for my cellphone?
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