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Pine Belt Wireless Offers 4G LTE, Local and Nationwide

Pine Belt Wireless is now offering fixed and mobile 4G LTE high-speed internet service to complement its nationwide 3G voice and data services. This is now available in Choctaw, Dallas, Marengo, Perry and Wilcox counties.

"We’re excited to offer 4G LTE mobile high-speed cellular services within our five-county service area and nationwide 4G LTE roaming for customers traveling outside of our 5 counties.” stated John Nettles, President and CEO of Pine Belt Communications. “This will allow residents and businesses to have 4G mobile service nationwide and better mobile service in local areas that were not previously available. Additionally, we have LTE phones in our retail stores and we will be adding an even broader selection of phones in the near future. So in our five county area, if you want the best cellular service you now have the availability of good local service and nationwide coverage from a local company you know and trust.”

Pine Belt has retail stores in Arlington, Butler, Camden, Linden, Marion and two in Selma, one downtown on Broad Street and one on Highland Avenue.

Pine Belt Wireless is subsidiary of Pine Belt Communications, established in 1958, which provides telephone, cable television, internet and wireless services in Choctaw, Dallas, Marengo, Perry and Wilcox counties. Pine Belt’s mission is to provide the highest quality services at fair and affordable rates while generously supporting the communities they serve.

For more information contact:

John Nettles


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