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Our Good Call of the Week Goes to Ieisha Smith

Ieisha is a board member for The Bessie Munden Park and The Bama Kids organization. She has worked in the customer service business field for the last 6 years, currently employed by

Community Neighbor Bank in Camden.

Ieisha is a member of New Wines Ministries, where she started a praise team that was designed to grab the attention of young troubled teenage boys. The goal was to get them out of the streets and show them that there was a better way by getting them to dance for the Lord. The purpose was to provide them with a different type of family, providing healthy support while teaching them the gospel. The group was invited to perform for many

events and in many churches.

Working in the business/customer service field, Ieisha noticed there is a need for financial coaching and credit counseling, so she just recently took the initiative to launch her own business called MDCT Credit Solutions. Through her new business, she has devoted herself to helping people in our community and surrounding areas gain control of their finances and improve their credit.

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