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A Helping Hand to Hurricane Victims

Updated: May 23, 2018

Grace Van Wyck, our Accounts Payable and Payroll Manager, is a member of the Alabama’s Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team and was recently deployed with the team to help in the aftermath of both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Grace and her husband are on the clean-up and recovery team helping affected families clean up their houses and property. After a flood, it’s mudout recovery, moving everything out of the house, cleaning it up and spraying for mold. In areas of wind damage, they cut downed trees and limbs and get them off houses and property so families can begin to make repairs.

“It’s very hard work,” stated Grace. “But it’s very rewarding. People are so appreciative of the help they are given. To me it’s a calling”

SBDR has been around for 50 years, providing all kinds of disaster relief including hot meals, clean water, child care, laundry, structure repairs, rebuilding and more. With a trained volunteer force exceeding 80,000 people, SBDR fuels the third largest disaster relief agency in the United States.

Thanks Grace for your help to those affected by these two disasters.

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